Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mustang Ridge @ Flaming Gorge

Gorgeous Gorge!
Good sports!

Fab-U-Lous 5th ward

A beautiful place with fantastic Young Women who know how to make their own fun?!  Must be GIRLS' CAMP!  We were lucky enough to visit the 5th ward on Wednesday June 8th.  They were staying at Mustang Ridge campground at Flaming Gorge.  They were a short jaunt from the (very chilly )lake and were surrounded by gorgeous scenery! 

When we got there they had just come up from the lake where a pontoon boat pulled them on tubes, and gave them a jumping off point if they were tough enough to brave the water.  Several girls were at the showers and the rest of us played a Duct-Tape Ball game.  Some Phase 10 was going on and a couple also took a little walk to show us the trail to the water.

The best example of all that these girls make their own fun was the colorful fingernails (and the Bishop's toes) on their good Bishopric!  All three of these great men were wearing painted nails!  Boy, talk about good sports!!

That night we enjoyed a delicious meal of spaghetti and curly pastas with meat sauce or Alfredo (or BOTH!) and a salad!  Yumm-OH!

The 5th ward girls still had a day of shooting and another day of river rafting on their schedules.  President Phillips was scheduled to come up for the shooting, so that would be a super fun time too.

Thanks to the marvelous YW leaders in the 5th ward who gave their Camp Committee the lead and let them run with it!  We loved coming up to visit and loved seeing the 5th ward Young Women having such a great time, in such a beautiful place. 

Thanks + Much Love--
The Stake YW Presidency

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