Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank you Sis. Lovell, for this wonderful site. It is my prayer that we, as young women leaders of the Timpanogos Stake, will use this site to communicate with each other. I would hope that it will strengthen and unify us as we strive to bring our young women closer to our Heavenly Father. God bless you all for the work you are doing with our young women. We love them and we love you.
Sis. Naugle

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Young Women Auxiliary Training Meeting/Stake Training Meeting

Sister Lovell and DeBuck attended the training meeting in Salt Lake City on March 29th. They were able to use what they learned to help teach in the stake training meeting on April 21st with the rest of the stake YW leaders and President Phillips.

Sister Dalton welcomed all of saying, "wherever two or three are gathered, there will I be also."
The General YW Board took turns teaching us.
Quite a bit of time was taken to show us and all the amazing teaching and learning tools at our fingertips: is a youth specific site with downloadable music, excerpts from talks and conferences, Mormon Ads, videos etc. Also, a LDS Youth App is available.
2011 Resource Guide is designed to accompany Manual 3. There are many extra teaching tools on the sidebars. For example: Discussion questions, Words of the Prophets, Conference talks, Personal Progress goals and videos to download.
We are given these resources to teach the gospel as the Savior would if He were here.
 regardless of how we use these other resources, the Spririt must be present for meaningful learning and teaching to occur.
Also, there will be a Leadership Training Library online.
We were counseled to read our patriarchal blessings and recognize the gifts we have been given; read the first chapter in the handbook.

The YW we are leading are noble and great. They have testimonies in their hearts. But our YW are getting the message from the world that external measurements are more important than internal goodness. We must help them see through that lie. We must encourage them to live the gospel.

  • The work is all about the Savior (Helaman 5:12).
  • We must provide opportunities for the youth to have experiences with the Spirit.
  • Teach the youth yo listen for the promptings of the Spirit.
  • LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the young women. There is not one young woman who cannot be reached if her leaders have that kind of love for her.
The best takeaway: There is no glory in being involved in a mediocre cause.

Stake Youth Committee 2011

Our Stake Youth Committee had the grand opportunity of planning the Stake Youth Conference this year.
Michael Golling and Mikael Adamson were set apart as the leaders for the group:
Darian  Lee
Caitlin Larsen
Shannon Stuart
Shawn Banks
Tobyn Weakley
Margo Andersen
Hogan Walker
Madi Knudsen
Joseph Carringella

The theme they chose: "As we strengthen our testimonies of the Savior, we recognize God's love and strive to be examples of the believers."
Slogan: We seek after these things.
The scripture: Thirteenth Article of Faith
The songs: "I Feel My Savior's Love" and "Let the Holy Spirit Guide"

 This group of youth have put in many hours (mostly on Sundays @ 7AM!). Everyone contributed to the meetings, took on and accomplished assignments, all with a smile (sometimes a sleepy smile). Darian and Madi even made muffins for one of our meetings!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Thank you!

Dear Pres. Allred (& my great YW leader friends)

First, I hope this e-mail address is current!  It is the only 1 I have for  you!

Second, & more importantly, thank you for spending so much of your precious time with us last evening!  It was fun to be a part of all that happened - giggling, smiling, laughing, listening, playing, practicing & learning!  Kneeling together (OK - I also appreciate you letting me sit) and listening to a prayer as well as receiving a beautiful blessing for them.  All of the positive energy/activity continued on the ride home (at least in my car - which was all the way full). 

I believe that this activity has the capacity to reach much farther into the lives of these YW than we now realize!  So again, I thank you! 

Much love,

Doris Heilbut