Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stake Youth Committee 2011

Our Stake Youth Committee had the grand opportunity of planning the Stake Youth Conference this year.
Michael Golling and Mikael Adamson were set apart as the leaders for the group:
Darian  Lee
Caitlin Larsen
Shannon Stuart
Shawn Banks
Tobyn Weakley
Margo Andersen
Hogan Walker
Madi Knudsen
Joseph Carringella

The theme they chose: "As we strengthen our testimonies of the Savior, we recognize God's love and strive to be examples of the believers."
Slogan: We seek after these things.
The scripture: Thirteenth Article of Faith
The songs: "I Feel My Savior's Love" and "Let the Holy Spirit Guide"

 This group of youth have put in many hours (mostly on Sundays @ 7AM!). Everyone contributed to the meetings, took on and accomplished assignments, all with a smile (sometimes a sleepy smile). Darian and Madi even made muffins for one of our meetings!

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