Monday, July 25, 2011

Not Quite Tony's Grove

July 14th we visited First Ward Girls' Camp up Logan Canyon.  It was a beautiful spot--with lots of shady trees and a nearby creek.  The girls had a menagerie of animal adventures already--rattlesnakes on the trail of their hike, lost horses running through their campground, and Ethan--a one of a kind creature!

We enjoyed a fairly lazy afternoon in their camp while they finished up the GPS activity that the horses had interrupted then had a delicious pasta dinner with them.  The evening finished up with a rousing round of camp skits.  Holy Cow!! Are these girls funny!?!?  There were very creative and entertaining skits from all the groups--including a great Circus Skit fro the ward YW leaders.  But we especially appreciated the "Scenes from Camp" skit.  It helped us get a good feel for what they had experienced together.

The girls tell their tales to Sister Smithson.

It gets a littler harder to tell the leaders from the girls sometimes.  :)

Sister Atkinson tells of their adventures to Sister Lovell (l) and Sister Naugle (r)

Kathryn wows us with her sense of Duct Tape Style!  She looks good in anything!!

Don't you love it when the other groups take a turn to cook dinner?!

Caitlin all bundled up in the shade.

Must have been a GOOD story, right Kathryn?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Biking Adventures @ Fish Lake

We got to visit the 2nd ward Young Women at Fish Lake at the end of June.  They were "Reaching Their Happily Ever After".

As soon as we got there we heard about a terrible crash that one of their Young Women had had that morning, on the last leg of the bike trip.  Zabrina crashed hard coming down a steep hill and had been taken to the hospital by Bishop Lucas ans Brother Beckstrand.

At the initial reports we heard things like "concussion" and "skin grafts" and "stitches".  It was very scary.  We were told that Zabrina had crashed almost right at the Bishop's truck--so he was right there to immediately give her a blessing.  Throughout the afternoon and evening we were in camp with them, prayers were offered that included pleas for Zabrina's well being and healing.  The leaders and YW of the 2nd ward were extremely worried about her.

When I asked some of the girls about the accident--especially those who were on bikes behind her--several mentioned that when they saw her fish-tailing they thought about the months of preparation they had done together.  But not all the girls made it to all the practices.  They told me that they practiced and rehearsed what to do in emergency situations.  Zabrina missed that practice.  Several girls mentioned that maybe if she'd been with them for the practices the accident might not have been so bad.  Other girls mentioned that they were so glad they prayed for protection and safety throughout the week.  They knew prayers are answered.  These girls felt the protection of a loving Heavenly Father.  Even though a crash happened, they knew it could have been so much worse.

Before we left the camp for the night, Sister Beckstrand got cell service down the canyon a bit and spoke with Bishop Lucas.  He told her--and she relayed to all of us--that while Zabrina did have to have a couple of stitches above her eye, where the helmet impacted and cracked in half, and a couple more on her chin, she did NOT have a concussion; nor did she have broken bones.  The medical staff cleaned the gravel out of her knees and wrapped them--not to send her to Provo to the trauma unit--but for her to go home and rest with the advice to have her own local doctor look at her knees in a couple of days--but skin grafts weren't even mentioned again.  When that message was shared, many girls and leaders alike mentioned that this was a miracle wrought by a priesthood blessing.  Testimonies were strengthened of the incredible, eternal power that is available to us as we pray and are blessed in the Savior's name.

What a cute banner! And a very appropriate Girls' Camp theme!

We played the SNORT game between rain sprinkles and sunshine.

Our dessert of choice this year, Fruit Pizza, gets better each time we bring it up to a Girls' Camp to share!  This one was especially beautiful!  Love the colors!

Sister Marsh and Cassidy were getting crazy with those cucumbers for the salad!  Good work, ladies!

The trailer carried all the bikes!  Yikes!  That is a LOT of bikes!

Here you can see the oil lamps (on the tray) the girls made.  They were used in the devotional that night as we heard some of the [potential] personality traits of the 10 Virgins, from the parable in the New Testament.  It was a beautiful lesson, reminding us that we must collect our own oil--our spiritual preparedness--drop by drop by consistently doing the "little things" like scripture reading, prayers, fasting, taking the sacrament.  Sister Beckstrand's lesson was lovely and the Spirit was abundantly felt.
PS--After checking back with Sister Beckstrand today (July 5th) about Zabrina's condition, I was told she actually was taken to the UofU burn center by ambulance a few days after getting home, as her face had become infected.  She is scheduled to be returning home to recuperate and rest tonight after make miraculous progress as swelling subsided and other issues were monitored.  Her ward YW are planning on visiting with her tonight for their activity.  Her continued healing is a great addition to our prayers still, and we know that her family would appreciate the extra prayers for her recovery.