Monday, July 25, 2011

Not Quite Tony's Grove

July 14th we visited First Ward Girls' Camp up Logan Canyon.  It was a beautiful spot--with lots of shady trees and a nearby creek.  The girls had a menagerie of animal adventures already--rattlesnakes on the trail of their hike, lost horses running through their campground, and Ethan--a one of a kind creature!

We enjoyed a fairly lazy afternoon in their camp while they finished up the GPS activity that the horses had interrupted then had a delicious pasta dinner with them.  The evening finished up with a rousing round of camp skits.  Holy Cow!! Are these girls funny!?!?  There were very creative and entertaining skits from all the groups--including a great Circus Skit fro the ward YW leaders.  But we especially appreciated the "Scenes from Camp" skit.  It helped us get a good feel for what they had experienced together.

The girls tell their tales to Sister Smithson.

It gets a littler harder to tell the leaders from the girls sometimes.  :)

Sister Atkinson tells of their adventures to Sister Lovell (l) and Sister Naugle (r)

Kathryn wows us with her sense of Duct Tape Style!  She looks good in anything!!

Don't you love it when the other groups take a turn to cook dinner?!

Caitlin all bundled up in the shade.

Must have been a GOOD story, right Kathryn?

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