Saturday, August 20, 2011

Strawberry Pinnacles Princesses

Our visit to 3rd Ward's Girls Camp took us to some spectacular country.  We drove out to the end of the canyon that backs the Soldier Creek Dam at Strawberry Reservoir.  It was a bumpy ride, but knowing the 3rd ward YW were at the end of the journey, made it worth it!

 They did some fire-starting for their certification there.  Way to go, Sidney!

 Of course, they modeled their "Unitique" camp sweats for us! Lovely, girls, lovely!

 They were doing hair and making everyone look fab-U-lous!

Then it was time for some quiet time.  Some scripture reading time....

Some writing in the journal time....

Some scripture-memorization-by-osmosis time.  Just kidding, Rita.  She had been reading, but it was so peaceful and quiet, she just closed her eyes for a minute.

We shared a delicious dinner with the girls and their leaders and then had a wonderful fireside together.  President Phillips taught the girls about staying on target--as that was their theme for the day.  The target being the temple!  Their camp was filled with love and kindness and good feelings all around.  It was a marvelous final chapter to our summer of Girls' Camp visits.

And not too bad a way to spend a birthday either!

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